From Cleaner to Golden Key International Honours Society Award

Dr Eurika Mogane (Medical Scientist) is a Lowvelder with a passion for people. She is well known for her activities in the Cancer Association of South Africa and is now continuing her dreams in Healthcare – and is now representing the Mpumalanga region as a Golden Key International Honorary Member as an Alumni 2020 and Golden Volunteer at Alison Online Learning.

 Dr. Eurika Mogane acquired her certification in a very unconventional way. She shares her story with many on her social media accounts of how she was a University drop-out because her parents could not afford to per for her studies in Medical/Biomedical Sciences. She volunteered at various local companies in Nelspruit as a cleaner/ general worker where she managed to also study other qualifications part-time.

“I stared studying in 2010 and was awarded the Golden Key International Honours Society Undergraduate Lifetime Membership Award. However, even with the award, I was unable to secure funding and returned home. My father Lekios Mogane was understanding and encouraged me to never give into failure. Today I can say that I worked hard to fulfil my dreams as a Research Medical Scientist – Nationally and Internationally Certified.”

Years have passed and she was nominated as an Honorary Alumni with the Golden Key International Honours Society for the year 2020.

“I am a firm believer and know that my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ added so much guidance in this journey. I was encouraged by my mentors and family to return to complete my studies. Having to work extra hard to catch-up and pay the expenses. I am sincerely honoured to be given this award and being able to represent South Africa, and other young people facing challenges from home to pursue tertiary education.”