Glamping, what’s that?

Glamping organisers aim to popularize South Africa’s tourism attractions

JOHANNESBURG – Glamping is a travel trend beginning to take root in Africa. A start up initiative is taking the concept of luxury camping to another level by organizing nomadic retreats around South Africa. This is also buoyed by an increase in local travelling in the country. Founded by Gugu Sithole and Davison Mudzingwa; Glamping Adventures seeks to inspire more travel in South Africa and the appreciation of the natural attractions in the country.

Glamping Adventures occupies the niche of trendy travellers on a budget. Curated on a concept of organizing retreats in different parts of South Africa, the company believes this model plays a part in popularizing travel and tourism.

 “Our roving glamping [glamorous camping] retreats are hosted in iconic natural destinations that connect all our travelers in South Africa,” said Gugu Sithole, the Chief Executive Officer of Glamping Adventures.


“Adventure is a lifestyle that should not cost a fortune. Our packages include spacious tented accommodation set up for travelers, great cuisine and adventure activities; all with a touch of glam,” added Sithole, who is also the co-founder of Glamping Adventures.

Glamping is beginning to take traction and is more popular with travellers on the go. In basic terms, it is camping with luxurious provisions and amenities.

“Gone are the days of camping and roughing it up. The world is changing and people should enjoy the silence of nature but with all comforts available,” said Davison Mudzingwa, Glamping Adventures co-founder.

“We are glad to be at the pioneering stage of glamping in Africa and our concept of travelling to various regional destinations will excite more people to travel and enjoy attractions in the region,” added Mudzingwa.

The wave of local travelling is already in motion. In South Africa, for instance, the Department of Tourism, reported that the tourism sector contributed R136,1 billion which is about 2.9% contribution to the total 2017 gross domestic product (GDP). The broad value chain impact of tourism induced benefits totalled R412,5 billion or 8.9% of the GDP.

In a latest report, Statistics South Africa said the country registered 3.5 million travellers in 2018.

“The culture of travelling exists, we just need a collective effort to stimulate it,” said Sithole; who is a keen traveller, marketer and entrepreneur.

From the previous retreats, Glamping Adventures has noted an exciting trend of foreign travellers keen to explore South Africa. The bulk of this is from Southern Africa as well as Europe.

“Travelling opens the mind and integrates people. We believe that by encouraging and giving value to our travellers, our region will be stronger and cohesive.”

Glamping Adventures believes in a strong multimedia and digital presence that also plays a part in marketing the attractions in the country.

“We have a strong multimedia skills set. This is important considering the fourth industrial revolution focus. Our content, through social media draws interest from foreign travellers,” said Mudzingwa.


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