Global Shapers launches online petition against violence

Global Shapers launches online petition to encourage South Africans to take action against violence in our community

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 January 2020: The Global Shapers Community, an initiative of the World Economic Forum (WEF), is a network of youth driving action, dialogue and change.

The “End Gender-Based Violence Project,” a project of the Global Shapers Cape Town Hub, has launched an online petition aimed at all South African citizens. The petition calls for all citizens to take responsibility and accountability for societal norms that need to be addressed and changed, rape culture, and violence, particularly domestic and sexual abuse.

By signing the commitment, citizens are pledging that, “From this day forward, I promise to be part of the solution to ending gender-based violence in South Africa.”

“Martin Luther King Jr said, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” So, we’re not staying silent anymore. It’s 2020, we’re standing up for what we believe in,” said Philippa Dods, member of the Cape Town Hub and Project Lead of the End Gender-Based Violence Project.

Take this pledge with us and let’s eradicate gender-based violence in 2020 and beyond:

Our pledge has five parts:

Part 1: Taking action and advocating

I pledge to never physically, emotionally or verbally abuse anyone, to take part in more campaigns and initiatives to raise awareness on GBV, and learn what resources are available for supporting survivors in my workplace and community. I pledge to challenge the way gender roles objectify women or represent women as having less value than men.

Part 2: Speaking out

I pledge to speak out when my friends, family, colleagues or members in my community make inappropriate jokes or suggestions about women or GBV, and will not condone or stay silent about gender-based violence, harassment, and discrimination.

Part 3: Listening and supporting

I pledge to make an effort to understand women’s fears, listen to their stories and elevate their voices. I will ask women and local non-profit organisations how I can be a better ally in preventing violence and helping survivors.

Part 4: Raising awareness and advocating

I pledge to help publicise efforts in my community to end GBV and use social media to raise awareness about violence against women, and attend public forums which discuss issues around about gender equality and GBV. I pledge to be an advocate in my community for sexual harassment prevention initiatives and safe reporting mechanisms, as well as other ways to prevent violence in all forms.

Part 5: Educating myself and others

I pledge to educate myself on the factors that lead to GBV and use that knowledge to mentor and teach others to act in ways that don’t involve degrading or abusing girls and women. I understand that reflecting on my privilege and power can be uncomfortable, but discomfort in allyship is part of the effort to end gender-based violence, prejudice and discrimination.

From this day forward, I promise to be part of the solution to ending gender-based violence in South Africa.

Sign the Pledge here: