Good Job Done, Really Good Job

Ethical leadership has been a dominant theme both nationally and internationally in 2017.
Besides concerns around leadership and governance the stubbornly high youth unemployment rate also continues to concern South Africans.

Columba has graduated more than 6000 people from its values-based leadership programme from 160 schools to date and has an activated network of 1500 alumni (out of school).

76% of our tracked alumni have successfully transitioned into higher education, employment, micro jobbing, or volunteering.

The Columba network is a societal asset that can contribute to unlocking the economy and creating the kind of society we want to live in.

In 2017 a model of alumni engagement emerged with alumni being powerful partners in the testing and refinement of the Money4Jam micro jobbing platform and the roll-out of the Ready to Work programme to 2500 learners and students in Gauteng. Through these opportunities alumni generated much needed income.

All of us at Columba thank you for your support this year and wish you well for the holiday season.

Best wishes,

Tracy Hackland

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