Good News From the Ratings Agencies


Standard & Poor has selected GreenCape as a “Rising Star” finalist in its Global Platts Energy Awards for its outstanding work in supporting energy investors and businesses.

What makes this news significant is that:

  • This NPO was identified alongside energy industry giants like Chevron, NRG, Royal Dutch Shell, Siemens and others
  • The award recognises the Western Cape (WC’s) burgeoning green economy as a global leader
  • Over the last six years, GreenCape’s partnership with the WC government has lead to investment, job creation and 120% increase in capacity to 32MW of extra power – but also a blueprint that other provinces can now use to pursue their own green energy.
  • GreenCape was started with just R400k in seed funding from WC Government’s Department of Economic Development and Tourism
  • S&P is showing economic confidence in GreenCape despite the political turmoil in the local energy industry