Good News? Slowly but Surely

After long cold winters of discontent, South Africa is enjoying a stream of good news that’s heartening those open minded enough to absorb it. For instance, after years of abuse, the national broadcaster and the national airline have both been “uncaptured” with a similarly positive process happening at Eskom and other state owned enterprises.

The country’s ruling political party, too, is rapidly shedding its “captured” status. Anyone following the Public Enterprises Committee’s hearings on Eskom in Parliament cannot help but be impressed. All the right questions are being asked, with the inquisitors honing into the key areas – like yesterday when it was crystalised that either ex-Eskom chairman Zola Tsotsi or DPE minister Lynne Brown have perjured themselves.

Yesterday’s best news of all, though, came from an unlikely source. The presidency announced that General Khehla John Sitole has with immediate effect been appointed as the country’s top cop. Unlike his disgraced recent predecessors, Sitole is a through-the-ranks career policeman who started as a student constable in 1986.

That’s not the only difference. The new National Police Commissioner gets the thumbs up from the man who put a crooked predecessor behind bars. So it is rational to defer to him in such matters. When I asked ace forensic investigator Paul O’Sullivan for a view, he responded with “I back him all the way!”. Hope springs.
Alec Hogg