Hansa says cheers to South Africa’s dreamers

Written by Matthew

Hansa has launched a new campaign aimed at celebrating people who are the movers and shakers, hustlers and doers of their communities, taking each day in their stride and making things happen.

To acknowledge these dreamers and doers, Hansa is offering a unique opportunity for these businesses to be marketed across various platforms including TV, print, radio, online and outdoor creative. The campaign will run countrywide and will see Hansa afford the businesses free advertising, helping them to increase their customer base.

“Hansa is raising a glass to many different types of talented people who go out every day to make a living, supporting themselves and their families and contributing to the South African economy,” said Hansa Pilsener General Manager, Khensani Nobanda. “We are acknowledging and celebrating their passion, talent and creativity.”

More than 20 of these ‘dreamers’ from around South Africa will be selected over the next three months to have their achievements celebrated by highlighting their dreams, jobs or hustle on radio, TV, billboards, magazines, newspapers as well as on the Hansa website, Facebook page and on Twitter.

“In this way these fledgling businesses will get exposure and much needed marketing support which will hopefully drive customers into their shops, restaurants, hairdressers, car washes or whatever else their daily grind is,” Nobanda said.

To follow the campaign as it unfolds, follow @hansapilsener on Twitter or share your inspirational stories on Facebook www.facebook.com/Hansa or visit www.hansapilsener.co.za

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