A Happy Tummy is a Happy Child

Blisters for Bread 2017

“Thank you so much for being out here and supporting us today. We are so grateful to our sponsors that have made this event possible and to the walkers who have helped feed so many children through this special event. We love you. Remember, you can’t teach a hungry child! See you next year for the 50th PSFA Blisters for Bread Family Charity Fun Walk” Petrina Pakoe (director of PSFA).

“This year, 12 500 people entered Blisters for Bread. The event managed to raise a fantastic R625 000 which will enable PSFA to provide 1390 underprivileged learners with a healthy breakfast and lunch while at school for an entire calendar year” Charles Grey (fundraising manager of the PSFA)

“Today is about the walkers. I’m told that everyone has helped to feed a 20 children for a day. This means that many more children in need will enjoy a warm, nutritious breakfast and lunch in the greater Cape Town region. Lucky Star would like to congratulate you all for uniting against childhood hunger. We are really proud to be involved with Peninsula School Feeding Association who do an amazing job”. Managing Director of Lucky Star Lourens De Waal, the title sponsor of Peninsula School Feeding Association’s Blisters for Bread 2017.

Here is a statement from Anroux Marias MEC of Sport and Cultural Affairs about Peninsula School Feeding Association’s Blisters for Bread. “Thanks for arriving early for this years fantastic Blisters for Bread event. Your are all making a big difference in the lives of children who rely on your support. Enjoy the event and be safe”.

Here is a statement from Brian Benatar, Vice Chairman of Peninsula School Feeding Association’s Blisters for Bread 2017. “Thank you for participating in this years Blisters for Bread. This is an opportunity for us, the Peninsula School Feeding Association to share what we do with the city of Cape Town. It’s a great day to enjoy the beauty and nature as we unite for a very good cause”.


Here is the list of names from each photo for the photo captions​, the colour is to help identity them​

Arnold family:
Yusriah (blue)
Charne (pink)
Denise (grey)
Mo (red)

Tania Brown (grey)
Kelly Platt (black)
Geoff Davidson (green gold)
Marleen Davidson (white)

Nazima Aploom (purple black)
Azra Ardeen
Nahima Benjamin (Grey black hoodie)
Zidane Benjamin (boy)
Fawas Sasman

June Mac (Pink)
Margaret Nell (Blue)
Simrin de Sousa (girl)
Bridgette de Sousa (mom)

van Sensin Family (Rondebosch East)
Zoe (girl)

Tharkip Baker (boy)
Cian Shankin (small boy)
Poltilla Davids (mitchells Plain)
Melissa Maree (Retreat) glasses
Manzil Stouts (Retreat)
Gladys Simpson (Retreat)

Booysen Family (Retreat)
Alison Hayden

Goosen Family

Stone Family & Co – Mitchells
Naylah Stone (daughter grey)
Yourself Stone
Ruwaida Elliott (black)
Yumna Ismael (pink pink)

Geraldine van Rooy (Bel Hare)
Azelia Marcus (Bel Hare)
Mom and daughter

Alexis Befani (Vereri – Northern Sub)
Lasego Befani
Melissa Richard

Lungi Aprils – Kyhelitsha