Hartbeespoort Dam man creates own job fixing pot holes

Source : SA People

Pot luck for the awesome South African man who’s fixing our potholes.

While many of us whinge about them, or swerve to avoid them, a South African man – Lymen Mlambo – has taken it upon himself to start fixing potholes in roads near Hartbeespoort Dam without being asked. And his efforts have been warmly and gladly received, with several people on Facebook offering their help and assistance.

Lymen Mlambo. Source: Facebook
Local resident Vanessa Courtenay spotted the hard-working Lymen and afater talking to him, shared the following post on the Kormorant Facebook page:

“ This morning, I came across a youg man fixing potholes in Ouwapad. I stopped to enquire who employed him to fix these horrid irritants.

“To my amazement I learnt that Lymen Mlambo, the young man fixing the potholes, buys his own cement and fixes the potholes off his own bat! Relying on donations from the public to cover expenses and hopefully a little more.
“Lymen created hi sown job! He doesn’t beg and performs a wonderful function! May I please ask we all support him?”

By Tuesday morning the story had been shared over 7,600 times, with people offering money, help, stories of others who had done similar deeds, and, most of all, gratitude.
One person said, “What an amazing inspiration and example of us all. Especially those ho use thee roads daily and complain without stopping … get out there and DO something like Mr Lymen did. This man is a king!”
Some cautioned about those people fixing potholes with sand and then emptying them again once motorists had passes.

Said another, “I will put R50 into an account to start it [a Christmas fund for Lymen] and ask for a mere R5 (or more if you can) donation towards this guy and give him a nice Christmas. Who is willing to help? He is in Hartbeespoort where I used to stay and the roads are terrible – well, were until he did something”

The number of replies overwhelmed Vanessa, ho said, “To the most amazing community! The outpouring of support has been phenomenal, never in my wildest dreams could I have hoped to achieve this level of recognition for Lymen. Than you so very much.

“offers of training and sponsorship has come far and wide! Let us efficiently co-ordinate our efforts. Please wait for further updates before committing to financial aid. WE ALL WANT THIS TO WORK!”