An Excellence Story

Ashley Mason from Wembley College achieves the top mark in SA for Business Studies

The latest Nike advert begins with a small Russian girl singing a traditional Russian song in a monolithic, European auditorium full of well dressed spectators. The song describes little girls being made of “flowers, gossip and marmalade”. As she sings, the little girl looks perplexed and confused. She visualises top woman athletes appearing in front of her in the auditorium. The words of the traditional song begin to change as she uses the song to describe the strong women who appear before her. The audience looks confused because the traditional words have changed. The words describe what the women are actually made of, “bravery, skills, passion, heart, dignity, will, strength, freedom, accomplishments and achievements”.   The advert ends with the words, “You’re made of what you do. Believe in more.” flashing across the screen.

Ashley Mason, a form five student at Wembley College in Greytown achieved the highest Cambridge IGCSE mark of 94%, in South Africa for Business Studies. Traditional business practices are perceived as being more masculine. This is an old fashioned, traditional way of thinking and Ashley is changing perceptions. She is passionate and brave in the classroom and on the sports field. She would like to study business science or project finance when she finishes school. Ashley attributes her exceptional results to her dedicated teacher Mr Labuschagne, who put in the extra time to assist her with her work.

Nike, in Greek mythology, is the Goddess of Victory. Ashley has been victorious in her achievements. She is made of hard work and dedication and we believe she is going to achieve so much more.