A heart-warming Good Samaritan Story?

Good Samaritans on the N2 Motorway-Durban

A true story by Bashi Singh

 Firstly I am a Durbanite at heart although I now live 6000 kilometers away in Sydney Australia I value my roots and travel back to my hometown every year. This year was no different, when I come home I hear about all the crime and so many stories of doom and gloom.

I hope that this story encourages all Durbanites to be more optimistic about the future.

On Sunday 22nd January 2017 I was driving to Verulam after a lovely lunch with family in Kingsborugh. I was on the N2 around 3pm in the afternoon heading towards the North Coast. I was driving along reflecting on my holiday.

I went onto the overtaking 3rd lane when quite suddenly my car slowed and then just stopped. In the rear view mirror I watched terrified as huge trucks and other vehicles hurtled towards me in the fast lane, braked suddenly when they realized I was stationary, almost skidding towards me, very very scary… I didn’t know what to do at that point, I couldn’t get out of the car, I tried calling my family and then just sat there saying help, help, to myself as mega trucks skidded to avoid me and then accelerated past me.

Suddenly this bluish car stopped behind me, a young black guy rapped on my window, I opened the window all the while thinking that he may be a hijacker but then how is the hijacker going to take the car … as per all the stories I heard. He said “its okay, you will be okay I am a police officer. We are going to move the car to the side of the road. Put the brake down.” He and his friend risked their lives to push my car to the side of the road. He then asked me what was wrong with the car, he saw that the Petrol light was blinking (which I had failed to see) and then asked me how much money I have and where I was going. I thought oh here we go he is going to rob me, I only had R40.00 on me which I gave to him. He told me that he will fill petrol and be back. I didn’t think that I would see him again.

I was stuck just before the Kwa-Mashu turn off, my brother in law was on his way so I had calmed down a lot. Half an hour later the guy comes back stops in-front of me gets out of his car with a 2 litre coke container with petrol, he filled the petrol in my car, gave me back R20.00 change and then told me that I have enough petrol to take me back to Verulam and once I get there I must go to a petrol station. He wished me well got in his car and drove away.

He did tell me his name but I was too anxious to remember his name. He was wearing a red T- shirt and jeans I think, travelling with a fellow good Samaritan in a bluish car. I want to thank these two guardian angles who probably saved my life., they also risked their lives and went out of their way to help me.

You have restored my faith in humanity and my belief that South Africa will be as great as Madiba predicted.

Bashi Singh