HERITAGE DAY: What makes us….us?

HERITAGE DAY: What makes us….us?

There is so much ‘stuff’ going on at the moment in this the country of our birth, which we call home, where we have our roots, where we have our heritage – to the point where we question the very essence and meaning of ‘heritage day’; is it just another public holiday?; a somewhat superficial ‘braai day’?; a time to lament what could have been?; or a real time to celebrate?

I took time out to reflect…………..

What makes us…..us? In the context of our heritage, our complex history, our ’94 transition, our heritage ……I thought about it……. and jotted the following:


We sing rhythmically, no matter the occasion

We humour collectively, no matter the circumstance

We befriend sincerely, no matter the who

We braai generously, no matter the when

We appreciate beauty, no matter the where

We engage diversity, no matter the what

We share our democracy, no matter the news

We grieve united, no matter the cause

We resent corruption, no matter the perpetrator

We loathe crime, no matter the miscreant.

We find faith together, no matter the religion.
We strive to love, no matter the differences.

We oppose racism, no matter the skin colour
We readily forgive, no matter the shortfalls
We impart our generosity, no matter the limitations.

We persevere in adversity, no matter the challenge

We clean up, no matter the carnage

We work to serve, no matter the difficulty

We support our national sports men and women, no matter their discipline, race or gender


I’d be happy to hear your suggestions…..to add to the list for next year!

Happy Heritage Day!