Historic Munsenville Pentecostal church gets a new makeover – By Thabo Motlhabi

By Thabo Motlhabi

Mandela day witnessed a number of residents of Munsenville volunteer to give one of the oldest worship buildings a complete makeover. The initiative was organised by the Provincial department of Sport, Art, Culture and Recreation.

The old Munsenville Pentecostal church has been declared as a provincial heritage site. During the Apartheid era the church was used as a hiding place and a refuge for many struggle heroes often pretending to be host prayer meetings to avoid being arrested by the police. Many of whom were prominent ANC leaders.

As Ward Counsellor 25 Thapelo Suso said, “among many of the heroes who used the church as a hiding place was the late Mrs. Winnie Mandela. This is where she made her famous speech in the 1980s regarding informers known as ‘impipi’ who would be vilified for their disloyalty to the liberation movement.

As Bishop Mr. Simon Mogomotsi said, during this Mandela day address, it was opportune for community members of Munsenville to take the initiative and give the church a new look.

In attendance were various stakeholders such as department of Social development, Rand Water, local business people and Church members.