House of Mercy’s Recent Transformation

South African strength, support and determination is evident in House of Mercy’s recent transformation

I have a story to share with you that highlights 3 important issues. How one person’s experience can change the lives of hundreds of others, that a simple, creative intervention can make an immediate difference and that when South Africans pull together, something magical happens. 

House of Mercy is located in Kagiso, a township situated in the Krugersdorp area west of Johannesburg. It supports hundreds of people who are suffering from disease and neglect. While the focus was on helping people, the premises were in desperate need of repair.  

A paint brand stepped in and, by acknowledging the founder’s strength and determination, put their creativity and expertise at her disposal. What happened was no simple makeover and the transformation went far beyond making the premises more welcoming and functional.  

We believe this inspiring story will lift your readers’ spirits.

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