How Michelin is Burning Rubber in the NPO Space- By Tshidiso Masopha

By Tshidiso Masopha

Source: Michelin

Michelin is revered for being one of the trailblazers in the tyre manufacturing industry. What most people don’t know about the international tyre superpower is that they’re committed to ‘driving’ change in the regions in which they’re active.

Most recently, Michelin launched the Care in Action programme. Through this initiative, its employees have been given the opportunity to nominate their favourite non-profit organisations (NPOs) to receive much-needed financial support from the manufacturer.

The NPOs that were finally selected are the People Matter Foundation (PMF), Edu-Fun, Teddy Bear Foundation, Mashup Community Development, and Umusa Nothando. Each organization received a handsome donation of R60,000, followed by another R70,000. Michelin has donated a total of R650,000 through the Care in Action project.

Co-founder of the PMF, Pastor Phindi Mathebula, expressed her appreciation for Michelin’s significant donation and the programme at large. “Michelin’s generous donation enables us to extend our reach and provide essential assistance to those in need. With this support, we can continue our mission of creating a safer and brighter future for our communities,” says Mathebula.

Representatives from Edu-Fun, Teddy Bear Foundation, Mashup Community Development, and Umusa Nothando echoed this appreciation and highlighted the plans and strategies they’ll be implementing to expand their programmes and initiatives. From enhancing education and literacy to addressing child welfare and community development.

Ursula Pienaar, transformation manager at Michelin, shed light on the company’s decision to increase the total donation from R60,000 to R130,000 per NPO: “After witnessing the invaluable work of these NPOs and understanding the pressing needs they face, we felt compelled to increase our contribution. This decision reflects our ongoing dedication to fostering meaningful change and empowering those in need.”

It looks like Michelin is only getting started on their journey to make a tangible difference in the financial predicaments of South African NGOs. Ursula Pienaar emphasised the company’s ambitions to “go bigger and better” this year by expanding its support network and bringing about change in our communities.