How the Clover Mama Afrika’s are putting their communities on the map

How the Clover Mama Afrika’s are putting their communities on the map

In order to ensure our country is uplifted, it is necessary for constant work to be done in communities across our nation. Upskilling plays a major part in upliftment and allows communities to become self-sustainable. The mamas from the Clover Mama Afrika project clearly place their centres and communities on the map, with their hard work and by giving their communities the caring attention that they need, to result in community progression and upliftment.

Clover Mama Afrika, Clover’s corporate sustainability initiative, is a community-led approach aimed at reducing poverty in neighbourhoods by empowering women and those around them to empower the generation that comes after them. With every new Clover Mama that is appointed by the Clover Mama Afrika project, a spotlight is placed on another community. The Clover Mama’s work hard and tirelessly to be of service to those around them and to better their communities where possible.

Clover Mama Afrika strongly believes that the best way to impart knowledge is by continuous training courses and upskilling for all the Clover Mama’s. By doing this the Cover Mama’s feel more empowered and are more willing to use the skills and also upskill those around them.

Mamas across our country shine a spotlight on their areas by providing essential services and support structures that their communities so badly need.

Some activities that the Clover Mama’s take on to put their communities on the map:

  • Victim Empowerment Programmes & Gender Based Violence Campaigns – Mama Selistien recently held a very active Victim Empowerment Programme in her community along with police and CPF members this year to make a difference to the lives of women and children that were affected. Phomolo Raisa from Botshabelo also went all out with her Gender-Based Violence Awareness Campaign at her Self-Help Community Project during June.
  • They Provide for their communities – by providing cake baking, breadbaking, and catering for community events as well as other services such as sewing for community members, for the likes of formal dress requirements for events.
  • They help provide jobs in the community and provide skills to members

It’s community heroes like this that put South Africa’s smaller communities on the map, mainly for their people and those who need them most.

“Our Clover Mama’s work extremely hard to make a difference in their communities. It takes so much heart, passion, blood, sweat and tears for them to make a daily difference by providing for others and uplifting those around them. Whether it’s a safety campaign or an upskilling prorgramme, or an event that needs to be catered for, or clothes that need to be made, you can trust that the Clover Mama’s are making a difference,” says Prof Elain Vlok, Clover Manager, Clover Mama Afrika Trust.