James Christopher Foundation – what they up to?

The James Christopher Foundation was established in 2017 to connect tomorrow’s leaders to today’s opportunities. Focussing not just on finances, but mentoring as well, the Foundation hopes to contribute something to the future of SA by supporting its candidates in their tertiary studies. Here are our first two candidates’ stories.

Olwethu Waka

My name is Olwethu, and I have just completed my BSc (Honours) in Mathematics at Rhodes. I have been accepted to study my Masters in London in September 2018. I come from a small village in the Eastern Cape, and have worked hard to succeed at my studies, in spite of some challenges. My story was featured on Biznews in 2017, and as a result, the JCF reached out to me to help. I’m really excited about my first overseas trip, and to continue furthering my education. I hope to be a role model for rural kids like me, and to show them that education is key to beating poverty.

Qhama Babana

My name is Qhama, and I am currently studying an MA in International Business & Foreign Trade in Germany. I come from a village in the Eastern Cape, and was put in touch with the JCF by my mentor. The JCF assists me with my monthly expenditure that my job does not cover, allowing me to focus on completing my masters. I’m excited to return to SA and share my experiences – I hope to be an inspiration to kids who might otherwise think that achieving a world class education and future is beyond them due to factors beyond their control, like where they were born, or finances.

The JCF needs your help in supporting Olwethu and Qhama. Please check out their website for more info and detailed profiles on these two great candidates, and consider donating!