joBerg2c – SA puts its best pedal forward

joBerg2c –‘C’ ing is BeLiv – ing (1100 eggs later!)

joBerg2c is an epic South African MTB event, starting in Heidelberg and ending in Scottburgh. It hosts 750 riders including 185 internationals, as well as 320 crew. The route goes through four provinces, 135 landowners and 220 farms and is approx. 900kM, +/- 100km per day.

But it is more than that.

All race villages are hosted by schools and communities. All 25 water points are hosted by farmers associations, churches, Lions/Rotary clubs, retirement villages and nursery schools.  This is a deliberate move by the organisers, who, rather than contracting outside caterers, provide these ‘communities’ with opportunities to raise funds for important causes.

The night of day five is hosted by Clifton school in Nottingham Road.

As a parent I have been responsible for guarding bikes, directing traffic, and cooking 1000 eggs. My daughters have pitched tents, cleaned bikes, waitressed at tables, carried bags and played marimbas to entertain.

joBerg2c is a great example of South Africans putting their best pedal forward

“The best organised event in Europe I might give 7 ½ out of 10, I would give joBerg2c 12 out of 10” enthused a group of international cyclists “your attention to detail is quite magnificent, and here at Clifton the whole school community involvement is so very special.”

750 tents pitched


Delicious eats, hot meals, comfortable dining, warm welcome

Thankyou’s from the Parent Chairlady, Clifton horses lead the way, bagpipe serenade to wish cyclists well for 100kms

And away 750 riders go – ready, replenished and refreshed for Day 6!

“Besides seeing some of the most spectacular scenery on any MTB ride anywhere in the world; the friendliness of the people, the warmth of the hospitality, and the quality of the organization make this event amongst the very best globally, JA!” German cyclist.

Thank you joBerg2c organisers!

Good job Clifton!

Well done South Africa!