An example of self-belief

Born on the Cape Flats, Simone Julies-Wicomb, a self-made entrepreneur who triumphed over adversity, is spearheading a transformation in the realm of business process outsourcing (BPO) through her innovative venture, Black Elegance. Established in 2019, this proudly South African firm is far from being just another call centre; it’s a compelling example of unwavering perseverance and a testament to the measurable strides made in uplifting the youth of Cape Flats and reshaping the call centre landscape within our borders and beyond.

Simone’s remarkable journey, from teen motherhood to a flourishing business owner, is a source of inspiration and change. owner is a testament to resilience, determination, and unwavering passion. Her vision to empower the youth and revolutionize the call centre industry took tangible form with the inception of Black Elegance. Simone recognized the potential for positive change and seized the opportunity to drive transformation in an industry traditionally dominated by men.

“Amidst the existing challenges,” Simone remarks, “my journey has been characterized by a steadfast belief in my capabilities, never allowing myself to feel inferior to my male counterparts. The distinctive perspectives and skill sets that women business owners contribute serve as catalysts for the industry’s overall growth and diversity.”

Black Elegance’s flexible approach has helped it navigate the unique trials of the call centre business realm. Simone’s determination to succeed has been stoked within the midst of challenges, propelling Black Elegance to unprecedented heights. The company’s strategic partnership with Telkom Business has played a pivotal role in driving expansion. By harnessing Telkom’s diverse product offerings and unwavering support, Black Elegance has streamlined operations and broadened its customer base, fostering a vibrant and enduring collaboration.

Black Elegance currently employs approximately 100 individuals, and Simone’s vision is to expand the workforce to up to 400 people, a testament to her commitment to job creation in South Africa. Her story is one of resilience and success, showcasing the potential for Black Women-owned businesses in South Africa to excel, expand, and access new markets and partnerships.

Simone concludes, “In each setback, an invaluable stepping-stone toward triumph emerges. To my fellow female entrepreneurs: Cultivate unwavering self-belief, actively seek out mentors, and wholeheartedly embrace challenges as potent opportunities for growth.”

Black Elegance offers premium BPO solutions for call centre support, managing both inbound and outbound calls. Their holistic approach maximizes sales, empowers businesses, and keeps operational costs and risks low. In addition to their call centre services, Black Elegance offers specialized logistics, travel management, and private security services, providing a comprehensive suite of solutions for clients locally and globally.

Simone’s steadfast determination, combined with Black Elegance’s dedication to excellence, places the company at the forefront of inspiration, prepared to expand in both African and global markets.

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