Kagiso Unite Against Cancer – By Thabo Motlhabi

By Thabo Motlhabi

In the old days Cancer in black townships was considered a white man’s disease due to the lack of information and medical records. Walkable Journey Cancer Organization based in Kagiso, recently organized an 8 km Cancer Awareness Campaign with different stakeholders such as Grant Theft, Ma Medi Anthwembu, Choko5 and Aganang Medical Suppliers hosted at Kagiso, Recreation Centre on 28 Saturday October 2023.

Although the month of October has ended, it does not mean awareness around cancer, particularly breast cancer has to end. Walkable Journey witnessed over 500 Kagiso residents gathered at Recreation Centre to support the walk and raised their voice for this cause. Different NGOs were involved and the organizers not only hoped to provide awareness but also to aimed at educating the public on how to live a healthier lifestyle.

According to the National Cancer Registry, one in 26 women are at risk of developing breast cancer in South Africa, there is also a growing trend that most women present with late stages cancer. Keeping this in mind, the organizers also wanted to encourageall women from different walks of life both young and old to be very conscious about their health.

As a founder of Walkable Journey Mrs. Joyce Machuisa said,” The numbers speak for themselves as over 50-0 women and girls took part today, happily, more women and girls are receiving information regarding cancer. The result, they visit a doctor or nearest clinic for checkups, in the past our people were ignorant of this disease’.

The organizers aimed at raising more awareness campaigns in the future, starting from schools to holding public walks and engaging the support of local businesses.

As a Cancervive Raynold Makhutle said. “I myself am a cancer survivor and am better for receiving more information and taking my medication and regularly. I encourage all women to do the same.

At the end of the program, residents were entertained with music and dance and it was also time to connect with other people or ‘cancervivors’ and various stakeholders to ask about their services.