Kaya FM & Para-lympic Rower Team Up


Kaya FM and SA Paralympic rower, Sandra Khumalo, will join forces with
LITTLE EDEN Society to shine light on immobility challenges faced by individuals with physical and intellectual disability through their 3rd annual LITTLE EDEN CEO Wheelchair Campaign™ which will be launched on 2 March 2020.

March is National Intellectual Disability month – and the Society challenges CEOs of companies to spend one day at work in a wheelchair in order to spread awareness about disability, and raise much needed funds to help cover the cost of caring for 300 children and adults with intellectual disability at LITTLE EDEN Society. 189 (63%) of the 300 LITTLE EDEN residents rely on wheelchairs for all their mobility needs; they have to be bathed, fed and dressed by their carers, as they are unable to do anything for themselves. Due to their level of mental functioning, they do not qualify to attend special needs schools. So LITTLE EDEN is often left out in the cold when it comes to CSI funding, where about 94% is earmarked for education projects.

But you can change this by joining the 3rd annual LITTLE EDEN CEO Wheelchair Champaign™ now. Here’s how:

  • Visit the website – littleeden.org.za
  • Fill in and submit the LITTLE EDEN CEO Wheelchair Campaign™ registration form.
  • An invoice will be sent to you from LITTLE EDEN Society to process a donation of R50 000 for big companies and R30 000 for smaller companies.
  • Choose any suitable work day during March to participate.
  • Take a video or pictures and write about your “Day in a Wheelchair” experience and send it to info@littleeden.org.zaand it will be published on various print media, social media platforms and LITTLE EDEN website.
  • Challenge other CEOs in your field to do the same.

Your company will receive an 18A Tax Certificate which may be used to reclaim tax from SARS, as well as valuable BBBEE points. Plus you’ll be part of something greater – helping to provide love and care for the most vulnerable members of society. 70.7% of the 300 residents at the Home have been abandoned and some come from indigent families who are not able to support them financially. Your participation literally helps change lives.

To join this elite group of friends of LITTLE EDEN or for more information on the LITTLE EDEN CEO Wheelchair Campaign™, visit our website at www.littleeden.org.za or contact Zai Miller on 011 609 0492 or 072 127 8237 or zm@littleeden.org.za