KFC Add Hope Partners with Peninsula School Feeding Association to Feed Learners

15th March 2022 – As a part of our ongoing commitment to fighting childhood hunger, the KFC Add Hope programme is proud to be able to again extend is partner network, increasing their reach and impact and ensuring that the programme is able to meet the most basic human need where it is not currently accessible – access to a daily nutritious meal. Through the latest partnership with The Peninsula School Feeding Association (PSFA) KFC Add Hope will distribute an additional 905,400 breakfast and lunch meals across nine primary and high schools in the Western Cape, reaching an additional 3030 learners.

Andra Nel, Brand Purpose and Reputation Manager at KFC says: “One of Add Hope’s strengths has always been our partnership approach. We see this come to life daily when we partner with our customers who donate their R2 and also with our non-profit partners who bring the feeding programme to life at the coal face. We have been so inspired by the incredible work that PSFA have done to relieve hunger for more than 60 years. The R1.5 million donation from KFC Add Hope will see more children being reached and help us extend our support across the Western Cape.”

Nel explains that Add Hope remains committed to help as many children as possible get access to the nutrition they need to learn, grow and thrive.

“The sad reality is that many children in the Western Cape arrive at school daily with an empty stomach. We know that a hungry child is one that would not be able to realise his or her potential and this is why we are committed to ensuring that we do everything we can to help South Africa’s less privileged children receive a nutritious breakfast and lunch at school every day to enable them to learn and function well, and empower them to reach their full potential,” says Nel.

The partnership officially commenced on 1 March 2022.

Petrina Pakoe, director of PSFA, says: “After undergoing an intensive due diligence analysis, the Peninsula School Feeding Association was delighted when we received the news from KFC Add Hope that our application for funding was a success. 100% of this generous donation will be allocated to providing schoolchildren affected by poverty with daily cooked nutritious meals. We want to thank KFC Add Hope for the financial support and sincerely look forward to working alongside this amazing company in the fight against childhood hunger.”

“During the pandemic as many children no longer had access to the meals they received at school and the challenges remain. KFC remains committed to ensure that we grow our network as much as possible and ensure that we are a viable support to driving down food insecurity to the most vulnerable – our children,” concludes Nel.