Kindness – can you enter a kindness competition?

You’re Invited to #PictureABetterWorld

Did you know there is a direct translation between seeing images of kindness and compassion and inducing joy, optimism, and gratitude? Your photography can create change.

Envision Kindness invites you to participate in a movement to inspire kindness around the world: The 2018 Our World is Kind Photography Contest.

In today’s difficult climate, we could all use an extra dose of kindness and compassion. That’s why Envision Kindness is on a mission to amplify the work of photographers and artists creating social change through their second annual photography contest, seeking submissions of images that embody and inspire kindness.

So far, Our World is Kind has already received more than 700 submissions from photographers in countries around the world, including South Africa! By simply submitting to the contest, photographers will have their work seen by tens of thousands of people.

There contest is open to anyone 18 years or older and will be scored by an impressive panel of judges including a Senior Photo Editor from National Geographic. There is no fee to enter and all submissions are eligible to win up to $500 USD in CASH prizes!

The prizes and exposure make for an exciting opportunity for any photographer. But the chance to truly make a difference is what draws people to this contest.

Envision Kindness uses the best images and stories to create moving videos like Monsoon Humanity. These videos inspire goodness in so many people and also help to raise awareness about the impact of kind photography around the world.

This is your chance to create positive change! There is less than one month left to submit. Will you join the movement? Submit to Our World is Kind today and #PictureABetterWorld.