Love it Together Foundation, SuperSport United FC and SAOPA Launch the Beyond Limits Campaign

Love it Together foundation, SuperSport United FC and SAOPA launch the Beyond Limits campaign to raise funds for underprivileged amputees and those born without limbs

9 June 2021, Johannesburg, South Africa, Love It Together – a South African NGO, SuperSport United and The South African Orthotic and Prosthetic Association (SAOPA) have joined forces to raise much needed funds to assist in the plight of 11-year-old Blessing Mohale who needs a prosthetic arm as he was born without an arm due to a congenital defect. The campaign, to raise R2 million kicks off on 9th June 2021 and runs until 9th August 2021. You can pledge your support at


When interviewed, Blessing shared his dreams of one day becoming a lawyer. He is a bright and energetic young man who loves school, playing soccer and he also loves to cook. He says he can do most things by himself, that includes playing the trumpet and riding a bike. He would also like to learn to swim. He comes from a family of four and is close to his mom and dad.


People who have undergone limb amputation or were born without a limb, require immediate prosthetic intervention to live a full life of independence and community participation. However, prosthetic devices and the accompanying physiotherapy involved often can cost upwards of hundreds of thousands of Rands during a person’s lifetime. Challenges relating to the accessibility, cost and maintenance of prosthetics should be a priority of South African healthcare to ensure continued functional independence for all prosthetic users (1.) It is in light of this, that the Love it Together Foundation initiated the Beyond Limits campaign to help drive awareness and raise much needed funds for both Blessing and other potential recipients that require life-changing prosthetics.


SuperSport United FC CEO, Stan Matthews said, “We continue to strive to make a positive difference to the lives of the communities and families we impact. Blessing Mohale has played a special part of our Matsatsantsa family, proudly representing our Lotus Garden branch for many years. He has inspired us with his talent and courage, and he continues to show loyalty and passion for our team. We are delighted to join in this initiative to support Blessing and his future, as well as helping to shine a light on the fantastic efforts that SAOPA is doing to assist those South Africans needing prosthetics.”


Chairman of The South African Orthotic and Prosthetic Association (SAOPA) Bradley Beckerleg said, “I am deeply grateful for the collaboration between the Love It Together Foundation, ourselves and SuperSport United FC to raise the much-needed funds to assist people who need artificial limbs or assistive devices. These are required to replace a limb or other body part that was lost after amputation, or if a person was born without a limb. We have seen so many recipients of a prosthesis and assistive devices have a fundamental and meaningful shift in their lives, so from myself and the whole team from SAOPA, I would really value your support in helping to raise the R2 million needed to help Blessing and many others achieve their dreams of living the life they deserve. Together we can go beyond limits. Visit and donate to this really important cause.”


Love It Together CEO Carol-Ann Meltzer concluded, “I am so encouraged by the support we have had from SuperSport United FC and inspired by the opportunity we have to make a real and meaningful difference in Blessing’s life. I’d like to encourage the public to contribute to this worthwhile cause to give other people like Blessing who desperately need a prosthetic an opportunity to live a better life.  Our goal is to raise R2 million by the 9th of August 2021. Thank you in advance for your support”.


This fund-raising campaign is running from the 9th of June – 9th August 2021 (and may be extended by Love It Together, if required)

Note: Monies raised will be utilised for a prosthetic arm, as well as ongoing support for the prosthetic and related treatments for Blessing Mohale until the age of 21. The remainder of the monies raised will be made available to SAOPA to go towards other potential recipients that require life-changing prosthetics. 20% of the total funds raised will go towards the Love it Together NPC for administrative costs.

You can donate to this important cause by visiting




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