Make a Difference With Nespresso for National Recycling Week

South Africa’s National Clean-Up and Recycling Week is an annual initiative created to increase awareness for the social, environmental and economic benefits of recycling. The week is aimed at encouraging and educating South Africans to take responsibility for the part they play in maintaining our environment and mobilising action towards protecting our environment from unnecessary litter and waste.

In commemoration of National Recycling Week, Nespresso is challenging South Africans to be as committed to recycling their coffee capsules as they are. Not only is Nespresso committed to delivering the perfect cup of coffee conveniently and consistently, they are dedicated to restoring, replenishing and reviving environmental and human resources involved in creating this coffee. Sustainable quality is at the very centre of Nespresso’s ethos, and this is the reason that they go to extraordinary lengths to ensure meaningful consumption and recycling of Nespresso capsules.

Nespresso capsules are infinitely recyclable, as they are made with 100% aluminium. Used capsules are collected from recycling points at all Nespresso Boutiques and Booths by our partner in recycling – Oricol Environmental Services (Oricol). At Oricol, the recycling process starts by first separating the aluminium from any residual coffee. The aluminium is then sent to metal refineries and used to manufacture other aluminium products, such as industrial piping, window framing and more. The residual coffee granules are sent for composting, and this nutrient-rich material provides the ideal solution for fresh produce gardens.

Customers who return their used coffee capsules for recycling actively contribute to the revalorisation of this precious material and ultimately assist Nespresso in upholding their commitment to sustainability. A small effort can make a huge difference, and it all starts with you.

Recycling is only one pillar of Nespresso’s sustainability initiatives. Through the AAA Sustainable QualityTM programmeNespresso is also committed to sourcing coffee from AAA farms who are improving the livelihood of coffee farmers and the environment and reducing the carbon footprint of every cup of Nespresso coffee. You can find out more about Nespresso’s commitment to recycling and sustainability at

All the means and processes are in place for Nespresso to make an impact and create a more sustainable South Africa; are you ready to step up and do your part to recycle your capsules? Give your capsules a second life by dropping off your recycling bag at any Nespresso Boutiques or Booths nationwide. Call the Nespresso Club on 0800 63 7773 to find your nearest recycling point or for more information. All Club Members who return their coffee capsules to be recycled at any Boutique or Booth from 13 September will receive a free Nespresso reusable cotton shopping bag to be a companion in environmentally-conscious shopping.