Mandela Day Visits to road traffic victims

“South Africans Against Drunk Driving – SADD –  participated in Mandela Day/Week again, offering support and items which we put into reflective visibility “Goody Bags” and handed over to 27 Road Crash Victims in 2 Government hospitals in Pietermaritzburg – Edendale and Greys Hospitals.

In South Africa we tend to speak only about people who have been killed in crashes, and forget about those who have been maimed, paralyzed or severely injured which often throws them and their families into poverty and despair.

Approximately 150 000 are injured annually on our roads, and their stories are seldom shared.

It was very painful to see many people who had become quadriplegic or paraplegics because they had not buckled up, or were involved in very unnecessary crashes.

Our Traffic Officers need to spend more time on prevention measures like insisting on seatbelt use in front and back, road worthy vehicles, no unsafe passing and no drinking then driving.

Many of the victims have been in Hospital for months and don’t get many, or any visitors, as they come from all over KZN, and the families are unable to afford to visit them.The following companies- N3TC Toll Concession, Howick Pharmacy, Kubela Store, Hilton Family Dental Care, Pick n Pay-Victoria Road, Trucksurance, Mi Office and Pastel Printers assisted by giving donations of reflective bags, scarves, t-shirts, socks, toothpaste & tooth brushes,diaries, pens & newspapers, face cloths, combs, tissues & soap.

SADD also gave Drs and Nurses from Edendale,Greys and Northdale Hospitals manuals on seatbelt and drink driving & road crash advice so that they can talk to their victims and also with others to act in an educative/ preventative manner.

SADD is outraged by our high death and injury toll, and the lack of financial support we receive, which may force us to close down our work in the near future.

We need to ask if you are  worried about our unacceptably high road carnage? If you are please be proactive and Vote for Change! 

or vote on our SADD Website at

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