My catwalk dream!

Damelin Graduate makes the catwalks of Mozambique Fashion Week

Damelin holds a strong belief that if you do what you love, you will always be happy. This is why, our objective is to cultivate a mind that is passionate. Lucia de Almeida was already an accomplished young woman with an honours in psychology, but decided to pursue her dream of becoming a fashion designer. Lucia graduated from Damelin in 2013 and has since worked hard to make her dreams a reality.

“I have my honours in psychology, but I have a passion for fashion. I decided to take a chance and my friends told me that Damelin in Menlyn was offering a course, so I enrolled, “said Lucia.

Lucia attended Damelin Menlyn and described the campus environment as ‘warm and kind’. “The teachers were very helpful and we even got help from the second year students who were more experienced, “said Lucia. She is glad that she chose Damelin to follow her dream. “This is the third year I will be going to Mozambique fashion week, so I am really happy with my decision to do what I wanted, ”said Lucia

Lucia enthusiastically speaks about her passion. “My clothes have a theme. They are more than one element, because I like clothes that can change from one thing to another, so you can use it in different ways,” said Lucia on her designs. “I really liked that when I was studying at Damelin, I was taught how to use the tools and equipment needed to make clothes. It was practical knowledge and the lecturers were very patient,” said Lucia.

Lucia will no doubt be successful in the future and is very talented in her craft. Damelin is very proud to call Lucia a success story and is looking forward to her upcoming line for Mozambique fashion week.

For more information about the Damelin Menlyn fashion design course visit or call 012 471 330.