(Sent to me by a friend who wishes to remain anonymous)

My dream is for a politically refreshed South Africa that rises out of all the negative impacts of
  • Colonialism,
  • Apartheid,
  • The corruption, greed and factionalism of the ANC
  • Covid 19.
It will grow out of a movement led by the younger generation that seeks to
  • Address our past in a manner that builds our future
  • Bring South Africa into the 21st century
  • Protect the human rights and rule of law enshrined in our constitution
  • Deepen our democracy by amending the constitution to establish strong links between elected representatives and their constituencies
  • Build inclusive institutions, both public and private sector, that facilitate co-operation and conflict resolution
  • Promote economic growth through a market-based system that is accompanied by social progress
  • Spread leadership widely
The movement will grow into a political party that unites South Africa behind a vision that
  • addresses the tough challenges facing us as a nation
  • deepens our democracy.
It will be committed to the following values in the way it conducts itself
  • Democratic and accountable – representatives nominated and elected at local level, reporting back to constituents regularly and limited to two terms of office
  • Open and transparent
  • Fully inclusive
The party will set goals that seek to make South Africa sustainable
  • economically
  • socially
  • environmentally
  • politically
and will measure social progress against clear targets of meeting basic human needs.
In formulating its policies, strategies and programmes, it will take full note of the four existential threats that face us all as human beings
  • Inequality (including Poverty and Unemployment)
  • Climate change
  • Wasteful use of scarce resources and environmental degradation
  • Pandemics
The future belongs to the younger generations. They will stand up and claim it. South Africa has the talent and spirit to become a successful nation admired for its political innovation by the rest of the world.