Mzansi Zen; beautiful book about a wonderful country.

Mzansi Zen by Anthony Oslerbook-mzansimzansi-zen-anthony-osler-sa-good-news

Mzansi Zen completes the Trilogy of Anthony Osler’s Zen series: Mzansi Zen, Stoep Zen and Zen Dust. For anyone who enjoys a beautifully written, calming narrative of everyday life in South Africa Mzansi Zen is a compelling read.

But, it is more than that – it challenges, confronts even, what the reader might think is the good and bad of everyday life in South Africa. In a disarming way Anthony’s writings provide fresh insights into what we often think is the ‘truth’ only to find that we have been seduced by ‘conventional wisdom madness’.

Mzansi Zen will encourage you to feel you can see things anew, find meaning in our chaotic national landscape and make a difference.

As you read you will come to celebrate the beauty and heartache that keeps us so precariously balanced between the highs and lows of living in South Africa.

Above all, the gentleness of Anthony’s writing style will create a special warmth in your heart.

Published by Jakana Media (Pty) Ltd

ISBN 978-1-4314-2323-1