More than R2, 2 million has been raised over a three week period to get schooling in Vuwani back on track. Over 91% of the pledges are in cash and the remainder consists of in-kind pledges. We are pleased that 97 men and women of South Africa and 9 organisations have lent a hand in support of the community of Vuwani. Sadly, the security is still a matter of concern in the area. Thus 71 schools have not resumed with learning and teaching although 15 have. The National Education Collaboration Trust (NECT) continues to work with the district, provincial and national offices of education to monitor the situation and to explore ways to make educational interventions.  We are holding on to the donations until it is safe and feasible to distribute the donated material. A team comprising the district officials and the NECT staff are on standby to help the affected schools and their communities to develop and adopt a social compact to facilitate deeper community reflection on the impact on schooling and secure community inputs in rebuilding and supporting the schools.

The resources already contributed will go a long way in helping the schooling community of Vuwani to get back on track. We have noted the various efforts made by Government and statutory institutions such as the Human Rights Commission to find solutions to the impasse in Vuwani.

The NECT, SECTION27, Basic Education for All, the Helen Suzman Foundation and Kagiso Trust remain committed to providing quick assistance to the affected schools as soon as it is feasible to do so.

As we commemorate the 40th anniversary of the June 16 uprising that started in Soweto under the theme of ‘Youth moving South Africa Forward’, we call on all South Africans and other progressive forces to participate in this project in whichever way possible. This is the greatest tribute to the sons and daughters of the soil who sacrificed so much to ensure that future generations can improve the quality of their lives.

Lest we forget, this tragedy affects us all.

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