Not All is Doom & Gloom – I GOT IT Book Launch


13 February 2020

Meet Bradley van Reenen and be transformed

His recent self-published book and Tool – Kit – “I GOT IT” launches in Cape Town on the 10th March 2020 and attracts the public to build a consistent and sustainable environment that will position individuals to win in every sphere of their life.

Pioneer and author of the I GOT IT Tool – Kit, Bradley van Reenen, has over 17 years of experience in community development, life coaching and youth upliftment programmes; passionately, he desires to inspire and uplift individuals from all walks of life.

“The Tool – Kit was birthed to excavate the greatness within every individual.”: Says Bradley

He is known for his unconventional, creative and visionary outlook on life. With the belief that you can change your life, if you change your perspective – 100% total inspiration and an untamed journey to become the best and greatest version of yourself.

With a remarkable impact reach of over 2000 young individual all over Cape Town, his driven to gift the world their best gift – “To Know Thy Self.’

Coach, inspired me to develop a “work” mindset, he moved me from wanting instant gratification to having a clear picture of my best self and working hard towards it.” – Gomez B

Come and change your perspective            !

Event Details:

Date: 10 March 2020|Time: 19h30| Venue: Byblos, The Palms, Woodstock

For bookings, please contact Nicole: 076 506 4223