Playing For Water

Shoprite Group pumps resources into water-scarce communities

Drought-stricken communities in the Eastern Cape now have access to clean drinking water following the installation of two new PlayPumps.

The Shoprite Group already supports 34 PlayPumps, which bring clean water to approximately 350 000 to 400 000 people across South Africa on a daily basis.

Last week it funded the installation of another two new PlayPumps at the Get Ahead Project in Queenstown and the Amaqwathi Primary School in Tsolwana, both of which did not have access to water until very recently.

A PlayPump is a specifically designed “merry-go-round” that pumps water into a reservoir as the children play on it, providing a healthy water supply to rural communities and providing children with a constructive way to use their energy.

It also means community members no longer have to walk long distances to fetch water, and there are fewer incidences of water-borne diseases which keep learners away from school, affecting their education.

The Shoprite Group has a long history of reaching out to communities when impacted by disaster and has been supporting PlayPumps since 2002.

The addition of two new PlayPumps form part of the Group’s ongoing efforts to assist local communities affected by water shortages.

Children from Get Ahead Project in Queenstown



Get Ahead Project

Motivation – Marieta Killian, Principal

Our school is situated in the industrial area, close by the township. We have 504 learners, most of the pupils come from the poor community close by and the parents are unemployed. The borehole is situated in the school grounds, the pump has not worked for more than two years. The school does not have the funds to repair the pump. The municipal water is extremely unreliable and we are often left without water as Queenstown is experiencing the worst drought in more than 100 years. The local dam supplying the town with water is only 20% full, of which 10% has been silted up and cannot be used. We therefore have water restrictions and often go without water for more than a week at a time. Our learner’s bring water from home, as there is no guarantee that the municipal water will be switched on. We often have to send the children home early due to a lack of water. We humbly ask for your assistance in supplying us with the Play Pump, as the school is in desperate need of water and will benefit from this water source.