PMR Africa crowns FNB Islamic Banking

03 April 2018 – PMR Africa has awarded FNB Islamic Banking as first in the overall judging category of “Leaders and Achievers who have contributed significantly to the Gauteng economy”.

The awards are rated by a random provincial sample of 100 respondents comprising of CEOs, managing directors, business owners, company directors, managers and senior community leaders representing the Muslim Community in the Gauteng Province. FNB Islamic Banking was also rated first in both the Retail and Business categories.

The PMR Africa awards are the end result of a research process whereby companies, departments, institutions and individuals are nominated and rated by respondents against specific attributes or criteria. A company, department, institution and individual cannot “enter” the research process but must always be nominated and rated by the respondents. The ratings are always based on the perceptions of the respondents.

“These awards in particular, are significant as they indicate the views and opinions of independent Muslim business and Muslim individuals who nominated FNB Islamic Banking. FNB Islamic Banking was awarded the Diamond award for both of the aforementioned categories which signifies the highest category that one can win in,” says Amman Muhammad, CEO of FNB Islamic Banking.

FNB Islamic Banking offers an end to end Islamic Banking value proposition to the customer which is appreciated as the customer is recipient to a world class banking service that is also Shari’ah compliant. It is through this acknowledgement that FNB Islamic Banking won these awards.

Muhammad explains that apart from growing the core customer value proposition, the bank is focusing on our customer by ensuring that they are beneficiary to the very best of innovation and customer service that FNB has become synonymous with.

This award is received on the back of having won a number of awards locally and globally, including winning the Global Islamic Finance award that rated FNB Islamic Banking as the Best Islamic Banking window in the world in 2017.

“FNB Islamic Banking prides itself on delivering an unparalleled Islamic Banking product selection, 24/7 customer access to their funds through FNB’s sophisticated digital channels, a rewards program that is the envy of every other bank all backed up by uncompromising Shari’ah compliance, all this to service consumers in a world class manner,” concludes Muhammad.

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