‘Raising giants’ from underprivileged children

Kgomotso Motsatsi believed that she had a head start in life when she started school at the age of 4. By 15, she had completed her schooling and at the age of 21, Kgomotso had obtained her university degree.

Kgomotso felt that she had been given an opportunity, but they she did take not full advantage of it. As she explains: “I looked at my life and realised that I had not achieved what I set out to. I had made mistakes and missed out on opportunities.”

This inspired Kgomotso to help others by starting an organisation known as ‘Raising Giants.’ The idea behind Raising Giants is to provide mentorship to young people to help them achieve their full potential.

Looking back, Kgmotso acknowledges that having a mentor would have made a big difference in her life. “Many young people do not have good role models to help them get through life’s challenges. Problems at home can derail a successful student if not handled correctly,” she adds.

Raising Giants currently has 8 volunteers, all young professionals, who mentor 50 children. Meetings are held on a monthly basis and a variety of topics are discussed from poverty, education, crime, life skills and giving back.

When the programme was first started, Kgomotso asked the school principal to send children to the meetings that were not good students and experiencing problems at home. The improvement has been dramatic – 70% of the mentored children are now top achievers in their classes.

When asked why she chooses to help others, Kgomotso simply has this to say: “When I was older, I realised that if I had someone to help me, my life would have been much easier. I just want to help other young people.”


The organisation is always looking for volunteer mentors and funding.

This is Kgomotso’s story of help. If you would like to help:

Kgomotso Motsatsi
(t) 0743235188
email: raisinggiants@gmail.com