Roodewal Mama doing good, a bowl at a time

Clover Mama Afrika mama Daphne Oliphant from Roodewal, recently saw the need of desperately hungry people in her community.  With a little bit of love and with the help of the caregivers and even keen children at her Centre House of Mercy, she made huge pots full of soups to offer to hungry community members.

Mama Daphne and her team made a variety of soups and served a bowl to anyone in need of a good meal, along with some brown bread.

Mama Daphne Oliphant started House of Mercy to provides a haven for children who have nowhere else to go. She provides counselling to all the children in her care and ensures that they have all the necessities that they need to go to school. She also heads an outreach programme that attends to those in need.

She is a multiple award-winning Mama who forms part of Clover Mama Afrika, a project set out to find female pillars of strength in communities within South Africa, and upskill them to help them further their cause and help their communities, transferring skills learned in the process. Says Prof  ‘What a lovely example of caring for the people in need’,  says Prof. Elain Vlok, Clover Manager, Clover Mama Afrika Trust.