S.A. Diaspora – Glass half full or Glass half empty?

Written by Alec Hogg

Enjoyed a couple hours last night with young London-based South Africans. They were eager to get the “back story” about their homeland. The group, all white males, graduated together at UCT a decade back and for the most part see their time in the UK as a way to improve their skills and gain experience.

My takeaways? The product being delivered by private or old Model C schools ranks alongside anything elsewhere. Most of these successful young men are keen to return home, but unsure about when they will do so. They fret about the state of SA politics and the seemingly endless flow of bad news.

But they also remain positive about the country’s future and are keen to contribute, even while still London-based. Also, these young white professionals have have absorbed the reality and need for BEE, and appreciate that when they do return, they’ll work for themselves or in family businesses – corporates are “for other people”.

Despite the challenges of recent times, many in the Disapora still see the SA glass as very much half full. It’s up to those of us who live in the mother country to do what we can keep it that way.