SA eBook Aggregator, Snapplify Receives Investment

Snapplify launched in late 2011 and has since then been a leader in the eBook Industry. The company is known for signing on some of Africa’s largest publishers and providing innovative eBook solutions for both the trade and academic industry. Some of the global publishers already signed with Snapplify include Penguin Random House, Pearson, Oxford and Cambridge.

“We believe that Snapplify can make a huge difference for accessibility to content and eBooks in the African market especially within education. Challenges such as textbook delivery problems, lack of internet infrastructure and other barriers can easily be resolved by a digital solution. These are the pressing problems that our team want to solve. Getting books from the world’s leading publishers into the hands of all South African students is currently our main priority” says Wesley Lynch, CEO of Snapplify.

Snapplify was recently under international spotlight for making waves in the FutureBook Innovation awards where the company won the award for Most Innovative Technology. The award is said to be one of the most significant global publishing awards in the book industry. Snapplify won the award for their recently released eBook distribution hardware – the SnappBox. “We were impressed by Snapplify on many levels – the importance of the problems they are solving, the technology they are building to do so, and the elegance of how they deliver content where bandwidth is limited or not available at all” commented Joe Lennon, FutureBook Judge.

The knowledge and expertise contributed by these investors will allow Snapplify to reach new heights. Michael Jordaan will specifically play an active role in the company by joining the Snapplify board with a shared vision to globally expand the company. His experience in the financial sector and strong interest in the mobile industry makes Michael the perfect person to be a part of Snapplify. The company has huge global expansion plans in the near future and is also working on revolutionising the education landscape in South Africa.

Source: SA-The Good News