SA First Crowdspeaking Platform Launches

fi-youth-cell-phone-sa-good-newsWhile crowdspeaking in South Africa has yet to reach the heights of similar initiatives in the US, Amplifyd founder, Rynaldo Stoltz is bullish on the model’s future on his home continent.

“Our mission to build a simple to use, platform that cities, brands, and organizations could use to engage their crowd and foster innovation and make change happen in an open and accessible format. Crowdspeaking could be the way to make the big changes needed to move our organizations or communities forward.”

Amplifyd can help with everything from empowering communities to prioritize funding for projects, developing policies for sustainability, coming up with features for new products, solving problems in our communities, to improving the way national organizations serve their members.

Crowdspeaking VS Crowdfunding

Crowdfuncing requires monetary pledges while crowdspeaking requires social participation (such as a twitter tweet or a Facebook like) to gain interest in ones project, product, brand or cause.

How does Crowdspeaking Work?

Simple! Create an Amplifyd Campaign, reach your supporter goal, and Amplifyd will blast out a Twitter, Facebook, and/or LinkedIn post from all your supporters to all their connections – creating a wave of attention! Your message will be mass-shared so that it rises above the noise of your social networks. By blasting the signal at the same time, Amplifyd concentrates your individual voices into one massive voice, creating action and change in South Africa, like never before.

Amplifyd is based in Blouberg, Cape Town, South Africa.

Source: SA-The Good News