SA Olympics Performance in Numbers

SA’s 2016 Olympic performance best since 1992 and the numbers tell the tale.

by Steuart Pennington

This year 207 countries participated in the Olympics, making it the largest global sporting event ever.

South Africa had its best year since isolation ended.

The table below tells the story of our Olympic performance since inclusion in 1992

SA Olympics Performance in Numbers SA Good News

But, the numbers tell another story as well, that of our performance on the Athletics field

SA Olympics Performance in Numbers b SA Good News

Athletic medals by country

We had an exceptionally good performance on the athletics field, ranking in the top 10 countries.

45% of the athletes in this year’s Olympics were females, the highest in the games’ history. The 1900 Games in Paris had just 22 women out of a total 997 athletes (2.2%).

Caster Semenya won the Olympic gold medal for the 800 metres. The current world record for the women’s 800m is 1:53.28, set in 1983 by Czechoslovakia’s Jarmila Kratochvilova in Munich. At 33 years old, it is the oldest track and field record still in the record books.

The first ever Refugee Olympic Team is competing at this year’s Games. The 10 athletes come from South Sudan, Ethopia, DRC and Syria and have mostly settled in Europe. According to the UNHCR, there are around 65.3 million forcibly displaced people worldwide, if this were a country it would be the 22nd largest in the world. (Source 1 Fact a Day)

Australia spent $250 million on preparing its team for the Olympics, the UK some £275 million. According to Eye Witness News Minister Mbalula allocated R25 million over three years as the Olympic budget while allocating R100 million to celebratory ‘Awards’ events.

SA’s Olympic Tracksuits were ranked as the ‘most unattractive’. The tracksuits were branded “cheap, oversized and tragic” by South Africans on social media.

A Chinese company, 361-degrees made the tracksuits.

SA 2016 Olympics Teams SA Good News

The numbers tell the story.

We can be proud of our team, proud of their achievements, proud of their conduct on and off the field, proud of their dedication with relatively little official support, proud of what they have done for the reputation of SA.