SA Resilience – unsurpassed?


by Alec Hogg

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my current trip to Johannesburg. Mainly because of the undeniable progress so quickly evident to the external observer.

Noticeable is Sandton’s vastly improved traffic flow; greater utilisation of the Gautrain; a higher presence and increased engagement by traffic cops; and the increased number of municipal workers who are, erm, actually working. New mayor Herman Mashaba may have his hands full dealing with past corruption, but there is no doubt his efforts are already bearing fruit.

Most heartening, though, is the obvious resilience of the average South African. People I have met are pretty despondent about the politics. But they’re hanging in there. And my bet is they’ll soon shake off fatigue induced by an endless stream of muck and start to appreciate the change that is coming.

With the benefit of an external perspective, there is little doubt in my mind the resilience of Mr and Mrs South Africa will soon to be rewarded. A new dawn is breaking, boosted almost daily by another former Zuptoid switching sides or being exposed. The early tricky will soon become a flood. Hope springs.