SAB Reintroduces intervention programme for men in local taverns

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The South African Breweries (SAB) has reintroduced its successful Tavern Intervention Programme for Men, known as TIP, which, through a series of workshops in taverns across South Africa, aims to drive attitudinal and behavioural change in men identified as perpetrators of social ills, including crime.

TIP is a partnership between SAB and a local NGO, Men for Development in South Africa (MEDSA), and seeks to provide men with appropriate skills and knowledge to effectively help combat crimes closely linked to alcohol abuse. It is one of the few programmes of its kind in existence in South Africa.

SAB partners with a number of community based organisations and leaders to ensure the success of the TIP and to help identify those men who require intervention as well as those who wish to be affirmed and become agents of change within their communities. These include community based organisations focused on upliftment, Community Development Workers (CDWs), Community Policing Forums (CPFs), Community Patrol Units (CPUs), tavern owners, Provincial Liquor authorities, Liquor Traders Associations, SAPS and influential community leaders. Police databases assist in identifying perpetrators and social workers may also make referrals to the programme.

Each workshop, targeting 60 men, is held in a local tavern over a period of five days, and encourages active engagement by participants on several social issues.

The content of each workshop is based on issues and trends prevalent in South Africa and across the globe. It seeks to promote responsible alcohol consumption; support SAB’s Alcohol Strategy; reduce the impact of HIV and Aids; promote human rights, and in particular children’s rights; minimise gender based violence and contribute to a reduction in crime.


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