Saryx Engineering Group (SEG) wins FNB Business Innovation Awards 2018

08 June 2018: FNB Business supported by Endeavor South Africa has announced Saryx Engineering Group (SEG) as the overall winner of the 2018 FNB Business Innovation Awards (FNB BIA).

Founded by two female entrepreneurs, Ingrid Osborne and Julie Mathieson, Saryx offers innovative solutions to help companies of all sizes track document compliance and share documents securely.

“Being chosen as a winner among the nine great businesses fundamentally affirms our business model. We have done some amazing work and continue to evolve while moving the needle in the industry using new innovate and technological tools,” says Ingrid Osborne.

“Winning this award is a step in the right direction to access global markets. We are very excited about the future and the opportunities that this accolade will afford our business,” adds Julie Mathieson.

FNB Business will sponsor Ingrid Osborne and Julie Mathieson to participate at the coveted two-day Endeavor International Selection Panel (ISP) in Argentina this year in September 2018. ISP brings together high-impact entrepreneurs to present their business to world-leading business personalities for a chance to be part of an exclusive global network.

Mike Vacy-Lyle, CEO of FNB Business says the FNB Business Innovation Awards is an incredible platform that showcases business excellence and the potential of South Africa’s entrepreneurs. Since the launch of the awards in 2015, we have seen winners and finalists go on to become thought leaders and employment creators in their respective industries. This attests to the ability of the initiative to enable businesses with the highest potential to scale to access global markets. Congratulations to (SEG) for winning this prestigious award and to all the businesses that took part in this year’s competition.”

“The FNB Business Innovation Awards is a celebration of the remarkable journeys of some of our country’s entrepreneurial role models. These founders are committed to building successful local businesses that drive much needed economic growth and job creation,” adds Catherine Townshend, Managing Director of Endeavor South Africa. “Congratulations to Ingrid Osborne and Julie Mathieson on a remarkable journey in founding and building the business to this point. Through Endeavor and the exposure at the ISP, we are confident that they will be even more motivated to think bigger and engage with a network of like-minded ambitious entrepreneurs that are driven to build a local business with a global footprint”.

What are the selection criteria this year?


  • Leadership Potential: Leaders with the vision, energy and skills to take their business (and themselves) to the next level.
  • Commitment: Entrepreneur must be willing to participate in a high-impact, detailed programme.
  • Ecosystem Impact: Will become role models by giving back (both financially and non-financially) to the broader entrepreneurial ecosystem.


  • Turnover: Business must have a minimum annual turnover of R10-million.
  • Ownership: Founder-led business.
  • Scale and acceleration: The business is scalable, in other words it has the potential to grow and become a market leader.
  • Unique Business: It cannot easily be replicated. It is not a “me-too business”, such as a consultancy or agency.
  • Inflection Point: Business at a key inflection point in growth trajectory.

Factors such as brand and reputation, stakeholder relations and goodwill, environmental sustainability, social responsibility and quality of governance were all taken into consideration during the process of selecting the winner. For a comprehensive list of the finalists, judges, and background on the competition, please visit