Save your energy

Social Environmental Technologies is a company that enables development of technologies that help solve social and environmental issues in South Africa, Africa and for the developing countries – globally.

The current focus of Soentech is on developing and manufacturing energy saving technologies and the company has a patented suite of innovative everyday home products that have been developed to ensure major energy savings

For the first time, Soentech’s patented major energy saving products will be available to the public through South Africa’s very own crowdfunding platform

The company is constantly researching and developing new products that will have a significant, positive impact on the lives people across Africa and the developing world. When used on a larger scale, these technologies can alleviate national energy shortages and enhance the economical employment of natural resources.

ledtopEarlier this year, Soentech was awarded a worldwide patent on the design of an energy efficient geyser which we hope could bring major energy savings. The design requires no additional solar or heat pump technology to be added. We foresee the cost and installation of the geyser to be on par with current, standard non-energy saving models. To see the positive environmental impact that could result from the proliferation of the solution, check out the video on the crowdfunding page.

Soentech offers its services and consults on development, patent registration, manufacturing, market entry and penetration. Anyone looking to patent or develop a good idea is welcome to contact the company.

Part of the mission of delivering outstanding energy solutions is bringing it to communities who can’t afford it. Soentech partners with projects that bring renewable energy solutions to communities that have no energy to begin with. By partnering with social enterprises like Khanya Njalo, we can help bring lasting change in alleviating poverty. To see how Soentech is helping to solve the 85% school dropout rates in rural KZN, see our blog.