Security Officer helps concerned citizens reach critically ill patient

security-officer-sa-good-deedsA Port Elizabeth resident has praised an armed response officer for coming to her assistance, when she was trying to reach a staff member who had fallen critically ill.

Charlotte Vermaak explains that she received a call from the family of her staff member who lived in Motherwell on Monday 10 October, saying that the woman was having difficulty breathing. An ambulance was called, but had still not arrived at the residence.

“I knew I had to do something to help her, so I jumped in my car and raced through to Motherwell so that I could try and get her to hospital myself. I had typed the address on my GPS system but could not locate it,” says Vermaak.

ADT Security’s armed response officer Garth Hammond was on patrol along Addo Road. When Vermaak noticed his vehicle, she immediately flagged him down to assist.

“Officer Hammond quickly realized the seriousness of the situation and understood that time was of the essence. He told Ms Vermaak that he knew the area well and could escort her to the patient’s address,” says ADT Security’s Port Elizabeth Branch Manager, Ryan Britz.

On arrival at the home, it was discovered that the patient had sadly succumbed from her condition.

A couple of days later, Ms Vermaak came to ADT’s Port Elizabeth offices to personally thank the officer and management.

“I feel it is important to come in person to thank him for going the extra mile to assist us. His kind of helpful behaviour is scarce these days. We would like to thank ADT for helping us in our time of need.”

Britz echoes her sentiments, and says he was proud of Officer Hammond’s diligence and commitment towards serving the Port Elizabeth community. He also expressed condolences to the family of Ms Vermaak’s staff member, and wished them strength in this sad time.