Send Money to Zambia

Send Money to Zambia

Exchange4free guarantee the cheapest and most convenient way to send money to Zambia.

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Exchange4free are a leading money transfer and remittance service offering a quick, easy and convenient way to send money online. We offer great value to our clients by providing great ZMW exchange rates, the lowest possible costs, no transfer fees and zero commissions.

You can choose to send ZMW to Zambia – by a bank to bank wire transfer.

  • Bank Transfers

Bank to bank transfers are safe and secure – ZMW is paid directly into beneficiaries bank accounts in Zambia

The table below shows various currency pairs for sending money to Zambia. These interbank rates, at which the banks buy and sell currency, are continually changing. To update the rates, press the refresh button located at the top left side of the table.
You will be priced off these mid-market rates when you want to send money overseas to Zambia. Call into our FX Dealing Room and ask one of our FX Dealers for an indicative quote on your Zambia money transfer or get a rate directly off our website. We guarantee to send your money to Zambia for FREE and at the best exchange rate in the market.