Smartbucks: Theatres of Learning

About Smartbucks:

Smartbucks is a financial literacy programme designed for under resourced high school learners nationwide and is set to run over 5 consecutive Saturdays during May and June each year at Ster-Kinekor cinemas. This programme teaches learners about financial concepts such Earning, Saving, Budgeting, Debt and Investing.

The film starring Candice Modiselle and Tau Maserumule, make use of drama to teach financial literacy lessons and use township life as a setting to resonate with the target audience. The financial literacy movie is made to address some of the biggest challenges facing our youth; over indebtedness, lack of saving and wasteful spending. The sponsors, Liberty and Calgro M3 are proud to lead a movement of change, one where young people’s financial acumen receives the greater emphasis it so desperately needs for our youth to emerge with a safer financial future.

The programme is presented in an 80-minute feature film at cinemas which have been strategically selected for their convenience and accessibility for the learners. Each student leaves the session with a Financial Literacy Toolkit for future reference.

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