SPARK Schools Soweto wins World’s Best School

SPARK Schools Soweto has been named World’s Best School by T4 Education, in partnership with Templeton World Charity Foundation, Accenture and American Express.

SPARK Soweto’s dedication to its founding principles has earned the school the international award in the “Community Collaboration” category.

SPARK Soweto, the 20th school in the SPARK Schools network, was selected because it became a catalyst for change in its disadvantaged community that was once symbolic of the struggle against apartheid, according to T4 Education.

Besides offering world-class, affordable education to South African families, the SPARK Schools philosophy of engaging and empowering their communities has now been recognised on a world stage. SPARK Soweto leads its community in environmental care initiatives and has committed to hiring local undergraduates from the community.

SPARK Soweto has used its collaborative approach to build a village for its young students in the place they call home. The school’s principles – Service, Persistence, Achievement, Responsibility and Kindness – are the guiding light in the school’s interaction with its community. Every day, scholars repeat the SPARK Schools Creed, a daily promise that summarises these core values.

Nthambeleni Nyambeni, Principal of SPARK Schools Soweto, paid tribute to both scholars and the massive contribution of the school’s teachers: “As the Principal of SPARK Schools Soweto, I am proud of our scholars and teachers for their unwavering dedication and commitment to excellence.

“Winning the title of the World’s Best School is a testament to our collective hard work and the power of quality education. We believe in creating sparks of brilliance in every scholar, and this recognition only fuels our passion to continue nurturing future leaders and innovators.”

Stacey Brewer, SPARK School’s Co-Founder and CEO said: “We founded SPARK Schools with a vision to ignite a network of endless possibilities, where innovation, collaboration, and purpose converge. Our mission is to empower scholars, teachers, and the community to shine. Together we light the way to a brighter future.”

Underpinning all of SPARK School’s work, says Brewer, is a commitment to bridging the affordability gap, taking pride in delivering quality education and involving school communities in the education journey. “It’s about our teachers, our parents and our scholars all working together.  And when this happens, the magic of learning happens.”

About SPARK Schools

SPARK Schools is a network of private schools offering affordable, globally competitive education. Concerned by the state of South African education and committed to finding a solution, Stacey Brewer and Ryan Harrison co-founded SPARK Schools in 2012.  They believed that an innovative approach could disrupt the crisis in South African education and dedicated themselves to creating a new model that would provide access to high-quality education for all.

SPARK Ferndale, the first school in the SPARK Schools network, opened in 2013 in Johannesburg. Since then, the network has expanded to serve more than 15,000 SPARK scholars at 24 schools in Gauteng and the Western Cape.

SPARK Schools’ purpose is to build a nation through high-quality, affordable education. They are society shapers, committed to nurturing scholars who are responsible, persistent, and kind and who positively contribute to South Africa’s future.

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