Sport Star Seabelo Senatla’s Game-Changing Move

Cape Town – It is a brand-new age in the world of sport, and sportsman are no longer just sportsman. This is evident in a bold move by South African sport star Seabelo Senatla as he embarks on an innovative and ambitious new chapter that will spotlight the business of sport and put South African sportsman in the same arenas as their international counterparts.

Senatla’s Strategist Tilldan Bungani says: “Professional sports has been around for decades in markets such as North America, Europe, Australasia and Asia. Hence, athletes in those territories have managed to create brands around themselves. Locally it has been done in isolation over the past 25 years.” He goes on to say that “Athletes across codes are beginning to tap into this business side of the industry, which is very encouraging. Ultimately, a successful team/individual on the field is the starting point of creating a good sports brand.”

Revealing his official logo, this power move affirms that the time is now for Senatla to push boundaries and continue to fulfil his purpose.

Describing what his new logo signifies, Senatla proclaims: “ME. To the finest detail. From the richness of my history (Ditema) to my badge of honour, ho ba Seabelo (gift to my people/tribe/community). Moving to the ’S’ showing the number 11 (in the negative space), the number that helped shape the man I am. It even talks to the journey we are on now, transcending into different spheres. That little logo signifies my life.”

Despite the devastating impacts of COVID-19 on the country and the sporting world at large, the pandemic has tested the agility of Senatla’s team. Bungani describes this time as an opportunity for “brand building perspective”, adding “With Seabelo not travelling and being on tour with the Stormers, we’ve been able to fit in some media engagements and get some virtual meetings in with potential partners. As a team, we have excepted our current reality, but rather chose to make the best of it.”

As Senatla embarks on this journey, Bungani describes the sport star as “Courageous, Aspirational and Charismatic.” He continues saying “Seabelo is unique. He does not fall into the general mold of what a South African rugby athlete is. And he has a great story to tell about his career thus far. He is open about his ambitions and is not afraid of failure.”

With his own Seven Cultivar Blend aptly named Glory, Senatla defines his mantra as “Inspiring hope”. He goes on to say that “I want to touch people’s lives. I want them to see possibility. That’s the biggest wish for my brand.” Seabelo Senatla is also one of the first sport stars profiled on Bryan Habana’s newly launched app,, that builds athletes’ digital profiles financially.

With a clear vision of the footprint Senatla wants to leave behind, and inspire, his story of possibility may be his best one yet.

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