Spreading the Love During Lockdown

Mama Sipiwe Solomons of Hazyview was grateful for her flower arranging skills as she could assist with flower arrangements for local funerals. Amazingly, she used flowers and greenery from her own garden.

25 May 2020 – South Africa is a resilient nation that has overcome many difficult times through the spirit of Ubuntu. Even through lockdown and the coronavirus crisis, South Africans have huddled together to make do and get through. The Clover Mama Afrikas countrywide took on this challenge and turned it into new opportunities for themselves and the members in their care.

Mama Nondumiso Mpitimpiti of Amalinda Forest has been able to keep her egg-laying project leader employed as selling eggs remains an essential product for her community.

Clover Mama Afrika has established a reputation for being one of South Africa’s most innovative, effective and sustainable as well as most awarded corporate investment project, bringing tangible benefits to the people it aims to uplift at grassroots level. At the heart of the project are the carefully appointed “mamas” who already act as pillars of strength in their communities.

Mama Mirriam Toni of Mbekweni has a production line going with sewing masks.

The national lockdown is economically a very difficult time for everyone, and it has resulted in a lack of income for many Clover Mama Afrika’s, since their self-help projects could not operate. However, thanks to the skills training they received through Clover Mama Afrika, they embarked on new initiatives to ensure that they can continue their work and provide services required to keep their members going strong, while observing all lockdown regulations.

Mama Yvonne du Preez of Upington has already distributed 500 masks for the elderly in her community and also sewed 1000 for Clover.

“In true Clover Mama Afrika spirit, they have been supporting their communities by sewing masks – thanks to their sewing skills, delivering food parcels and sharing their added value skills with the children in their care, among others. We are really immensely proud that they have kept their own spirits as well as the spirits of those working for them so high during this time difficult time,” says Prof Elain Vlok, Clover Manager, Clover Mama Afrika Trust.

Mama Selestien Moses of Ashbury has accepted making 1600 masks for Clover and has even got her husband Jannie to join the production line.

Here are some proud examples of how they applied their skills training to look beyond what they cannot do, but rather looking at what they can do while in lockdown.

Mama Phomolo Raisa of Botshabelo has sewn thousands of masks for her members and community. She has also used her embroidery machine for specific orders of branded masks.

Cooking and Baking Skills:

 Even though many Clover Mama Afrika bakeries are not able to operate and generate an income, there are a few that are able to bake on a smaller scale to meet the demands of their regular customers and supply for local funerals.

Mama Phomolo Raisa of Botshabelo has her bakers working under strict hygiene condition to supply fresh bread and rolls.

Sharing is Caring! 

Clover Mama Afrika has two Mamas that were selected to be part of the food delivery initiative. These formidable Clover Mama Afrikas took on this mammoth task with pride and joy and works 24/7 to ensure that community members receive their food hampers.

Mama Nondumiso Mpitimpiti and her team wasted no time to distribute the food hampers.