Stand Up And Be Counted!

As we approach the 2024 election, South Africa needs all of us now more than ever before. You can help our beautiful country reach her incredible potential by exercising your right to vote.

It’s widely acknowledged that the election this year is the most important since 1994. Yet, voter turnout has progressively worsened from the excited 87% of that landmark vote to a dismal 49% of the eligible voter base in 2019.

The apathy is worst among 18- 35yr olds – research in this group shows disillusionment with political systems, processes and politicians, and also with the registration and voting processes.

Registering to vote – for yourself or your young friends or family members – is super-easy and just a finger-touch away.

Follow the link below to see how:

Or go straight to the link below and register:

Your South Africa ! Your Vote ! Your Future !